Help shape your neighborhood with this new City Council district mapping tool

The City of Sacramento is encouraging community members to participate in the Sacramento Independent Redistricting Commission’s redistricting process with the new Redistricting Mapping Tool Application.

Created by the City’s Geographic Information Services (GIS) team, the mapping tool is an interactive online program for the public to create, share, collaborate and submit their redistricting proposals.

“This is the first time the new commission, comprised only of members of the community, will have the exclusive authority to redraw the City Council district lines,” said the City’s Community Engagement Manager Lynette Hall. “We want all community members to share their ideas with the commission, the mapping tool is one of  the many ways to participate.”

Every 10 years, following the U.S. Census, the City of Sacramento must re-establish the boundaries for City Council districts. The resulting Council district boundaries must be balanced in population in accordance with local, state and federal rules governing the redistricting process.

The Sacramento Independent Redistricting Commission, which includes 13 commission members, was formed in 2020 to set Council district boundaries.

Step-by-step guides and videos are available to help the public use the application’s basic features and successfully submit a proposed map for consideration by SIRC.

Additionally, the City has provided stipends to several individuals, community-based organizations and neighborhood associations to help get the word and to assist with the needs of non-English speaking residents.

“We’re excited this online mapping tool has launched,” said GIS Program Manager Rong Liu, “The city has always had a great history of providing a free mapping tool for the public to submit proposals for redistricting. In 2000 we used desktop software on a CD delivered to the public, in 2010 it was an online mapping app similar to what we are using today.”

Access the online mapping tool and find other ways to get involved in the redistricting process on the City’s redistricting website.