Cooking for the holidays? These three simple steps can help you avoid a clogged sink

As the holiday season approaches, City of Sacramento Utilities staff are reminding people that fat, oil and grease should never be put down the drain.

Certain holiday dishes, including turkeys and hams, produce large amounts of fat and oil that can cause clogged drains or worse — a sewer main clog.

“When cleaning up after making holiday dishes, there are many ways people can help protect our drains,” said Carlos Eliason, a spokesperson for the City’s Department of Utilities.

Eliason said people can follow three simple steps to avoid a clogged holiday:

  1. Pour fat, oil and grease into a disposable container once it has cooled.
  2. Seal the disposable container.
  3. Throw away the container into a garbage bin.
“The last thing you want happening during the holidays is to have to hire a plumber to unclog your drains,” said Eliason.
The City has a website with more information on how to keep fat and oil out of the drains.