From grass to water-wise garden: How a City program has helped transform more than 1 million square feet

A City of Sacramento program recently reached a milestone — helping people convert more than 1 million square feet of grass to drought-tolerant landscaping.

According to data from the City’s Department of Utilities, the program reached the milestone in May and about 400,000 square feet of grass was converted in 2022 alone.

“There are many benefits to drought-tolerant landscapes, including less maintenance than lawns and attracting beneficial wildlife,” said William Granger, water conservation coordinator with City Utilities. “The biggest is water-use reduction. These landscapes can use a third of the water than traditional grass.”

To encourage people to save water and switch to drought-tolerant landscapes, the City offers several rebate programs.

Customers can earn up to $3,000 with a grass conversion rebate, which includes costs for licensed labor and irrigation systems.

According to Granger, it’s important for people to apply for a rebate before starting the project, then turn in the receipts after to get reimbursed.

People can also receive up to $200 to have a City-approved landscape designer help them create layouts and decide on plants for their front  yard.

Rebates for irrigation upgrades and small controllers are also available to customers.

“We haven’t hit capacity on these programs yet and don’t expect to any time soon,” said Granger.

The City of Sacramento is currently under a “water alert” and asks customers to reduce their water use by 20 percent.

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