Boating season is here. What you can do to help keep our water clean

With a season of summer boating ahead, City of Sacramento Department of Utilities staff are reminding people to keep waste and oils out of rivers.

According to staff, a City-led program called “Keep Our Waters Clean,” helps to educate boaters about clean boating habits.

“The ultimate goal of the program is for people to understand why it is important to protect our source water,” said Jessica McCabe, program manager. “Our rivers provide drinking water for millions of Californians.”

The program encourages boaters to use restrooms and “pumpout” stations, as well as properly recycling used oil and dirty bilge water.

“Keep Our Waters Clean provides resources and education to local businesses and marinas along the Sacramento and American rivers,” said McCabe.

Resources include activity booklets for kids, brochures, and a regional waterways map that lists restrooms, pumpout stations and disposal centers for used oil.

People can download resources from the Keep Our Waters Clean website.

McCabe says the program also encourages other people who use rivers and lakes to use restrooms and dispose of pet waste and trash properly.

City staff — in partnership with dozens of regional agencies and organizations — promote the program and resources yearly at events throughout the summer.

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