Landscape watering rules change Nov. 1. Here are three things to know

City Utilities staff are reminding people that on Nov. 1 residents and businesses must change how they water landscapes, including their lawns.

The change is part of the City’s water conservation ordinance, which was created in 2017.

Here are three of the biggest things people should know:

1. Water only once per week

From Nov. 1 to Feb. 28, watering landscapes is only allowed once per week on Saturday or Sunday; no weekday watering is permitted.

From March 1 to Oct. 31, watering is allowed two days per week.

2. Water any time of day

Temperatures are cooler during fall and winter months so less water is lost from evaporation and plant “perspiration.”

During hot summer months, lawns and landscapes can lose twice as much water, compared to fall and winter.

3 . Don’t water after it rains

No watering is allowed for 48 hours after it rains more than one-eighth of an inch.

“We actually encourage people to turn off their sprinklers completely during the wet season, as rainfall can supply most water needs,” said William Granger, a water conservation coordinator with the City’s Department of Utilities. “If you do turn off your sprinklers, keep in mind that trees still need to be watered deeply when it doesn’t rain.”

The City of Sacramento since August 2021 has been under a “Water Alert” as drought conditions persist throughout the region and state.

“Keep in mind, because of the continued drought, the City is still asking residents to reduce their overall water use by 20 percent,” Granger said.

People can find more information on the City’s watering schedule webpage.

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