Fill out this questionnaire and help the City solve ‘missing middle housing’

The City of Sacramento’s Community Development Department is encouraging residents to participate in the “We Build Sacramento” self-guided online workshop and questionnaire available until Nov. 4. 

“The City needs to hear from the community about their housing stories and challenges in order to create effective solutions,” said Matt Hertel, principal planner for the City. “Providing additional opportunities for the community to give their input is important as we go forward in strategies to offer more housing options in Sacramento.” 

The City recently held in-person and virtual workshops to engage in discussions about “missing middle housing.” This new self-guided online workshop and questionnaire provides Sacramentans with another opportunity to be involved. 

The term “missing middle” is meant to describe housing types that were common in the United States pre-World War II, such as duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes. These housing types are rarely built now, and therefore “missing.” 

The City Council last year unanimously voted to allow a greater array of housing types citywide as part of the 2040 General Plan Update to increase missing middle housing types. 

The questionnaire asks for input on a variety of topics surrounding missing middle housing including: What are the benefits and challenges; what design elements are important; and what experiences residents have had with missing middle housing. 

The workshop and questionnaire takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. 

Learn more on the City’s website about missing middle housing and how it can: 

  • Help make housing more affordable for Sacramentans 
  • Increase entry-level home ownership opportunities 
  • Help homeowners build generational wealth and passive income 
  • Enable local ownership and neighborhood-driven investment 
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