More rain is coming to Sacramento. Here are 3 ways to prepare from the Dept. of Utilities

More rain is expected soon in Sacramento, and the City’s Department of Utilities is reminding people they can prepare in several ways.

According to the National Weather Service, the Sacramento region is forecast to receive about an inch of rain from Saturday to Tuesday.

“Unsettled weather will be returning this weekend into next week,” said the National Weather Service, Sacramento in a recent tweet.

Here are three things to know when it rains:

1. Keep leaf piles and debris away from storm drains

Every year during Sacramento’s leaf season, which begins Nov. 1 and ends in late January, City residents can pile excess yard waste in the street for collection by “the Claw” tractor.

However, leaf piles should be kept away from gutters and drains to prevent street flooding.

2. Call 3-1-1 to report street flooding

If street flooding does happen, report it — and other storm-related hazards, such as downed tree limbs — by calling 3-1-1, and crews will be sent to help fix the issue.

3. Turn off your sprinklers when it rains

Watering landscapes is not allowed for a 48-hour period after it rains more than one-eighth of an inch.

The rule is part of the City’s water conservation ordinance, which applies to residents and businesses.

City staff recommend that sprinklers be turned off completely during colder months to conserve water, as rainfall can supply as much water as lawns need.

How the City prepares

The City’s Department of Utilities also prepares for wet weather in several ways, including inspecting and cleaning storm drains ahead of rain.

Staff also repair and maintain pipes, pumps and other types of infrastructure that move stormwater away from properties and into nearby waterways.

“Sacramento sits at a low elevation and is surrounded by levees, so our crews are responsible for pumping away all stormwater that falls in the city,” said Carlos Eliason, a spokesperson for the Department of Utilities.

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