Statement from City Attorney regarding threats against City Councilmembers and staff

The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office on Nov. 15 filed felony charges against Alexander Hoch for threatening the lives of  Councilmember Katie Valenzuela, Councilmember Mai Vang, and Karina Talamantes, the Chief of Staff to Vice Mayor Angelique Ashby and City Council candidate for District 3.

Hoch was arrested by the Sacramento Police Department. He is currently being held in custody pending a bail hearing on Nov. 22, 2022.

The Sacramento City Attorney’s Office on Nov. 16 filed a Petition for Workplace Violence Restraining Orders seeking to protect Valenzuela, Vang, Ashby and Talamantes from Hoch. The hearing on the City’s petition is scheduled for Dec. 9.

In the meantime, the Sacramento City Attorney’s Office has obtained a temporary restraining order protecting the City Councilmembers and City staff during the pendency of this civil action.

Please see below a statement from City Attorney Susana Alcala Wood about protecting employee safety:

“The City of Sacramento takes threats against its employees seriously. The workplace violence restraining order the City has filed on behalf of the victims seeks to prevent Alexander Hoch from accessing City Hall and all places where the victims work and reside. In addition, the temporary restraining order that has been granted provides immediate protection. In today’s climate with violence against public officials happening more frequently, the safety of public servants is paramount.”

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