Here’s how to find out if you qualify for assistance on City of Sacramento utility bills

The City of Sacramento’s Department of Utilities is reminding residents that some customers can receive financial assistance from the City for certain kinds of utility bills.

Income-eligible customers can save money on water, sewer and garbage bills, depending on the services they receive.

“Rising costs can make life difficult for some families and individuals, and the City’s utilities rate assistance program is designed to help ease that burden,” said Kristy Lai, administrator for the City’s utilities rate assistance program.

People can visit this City’s webpage to apply for the rate assistance program – which offers applications in several formats and languages – or call the City at 916-808-5454.

According to Lai, more than 9,000 customers are currently enrolled in the rate assistance program.

“This program has been around since 2012, and we hope to see it continue to help people well into the future,” she said.