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Another storm system is headed toward Sacramento. Here’s how you can prepare

Another storm system is headed toward the Sacramento area, with rain and wind expected to arrive Wednesday and potentially causing more downed trees, branches and limbs.

“The ground is already saturated from the rain from New Year’s Eve, which could uproot additional trees,” said Gabby Miller, a spokesperson for the City’s Department of Public Works. “The wind also could result in more debris from limbs and branches.”

The City is asking residents to prepare with a few easy tips:

  1. Avoid driving during the storm if you can. People are urged to plan ahead and watch for debris and localized flooding on the roads.
  2. Secure loose debris around your home. Residents should secure loose objects outside, such as lawn furniture.
  3. Keep gutters and storm drains clear of debris. If you have a storm drain near your home, use a broom or rake to sweep leaves away from gutters and storm drains.
  4. Report any flooding or hazards. Call 311 to report street flooding, trees down or traffic signals out. Crews are on-hand to respond to requests. Power outages should be reported to SMUD by calling 1-888-456-7683.
  5. Call 911 in case of emergencies, including down power lines. 
  6. Keep pets inside during storms. If you normally let your dog out into the yard to go to the bathroom, ensure your fence is still intact or take them out on a leash.

City staff and crews have been working around the clock to respond to fallen trees and clogged storm drains from the New Year’s Eve storm. They will continue to respond to any issues that may occur, including clogged drains and clearing trees and debris from sidewalks and roads.

For questions about tree issues, please call 311 or refer to this FAQ. 



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