Take this survey and help the City improve access to high-speed internet across Sacramento

The City of Sacramento’s Information Technology Department is asking residents to take a survey to help assess current internet availability, performance and needs across the city.

The survey is part of the “Digital Expansion Project,” which aims to improve access to high-speed internet across Sacramento, with a focus on underserved areas.

“It’s more important than ever that all Sacramentans have access to high-speed internet for activities such as remote work, online learning and telemedicine,” said Darin Arcolino, the City’s assistant director of IT. “We encourage all residents to take the survey to help us gain a clearer picture of the current broadband environment so that we can find innovative ways to improve competition, reliability and resiliency for our communities.”

Residents can take the five-minute survey by March 21 on the City’s website. Participants will be asked a few simple questions regarding their broadband services, including address, current services provided and price. Participants also will be able to do an internet speed test.

The Digital Expansion Project will help to inform a strategic plan for the City to enhance public and private investment in broadband infrastructure and identify specific projects to expand internet access across the city.

The project is funded through a grant from the State of California Public Utilities Commission.

Once the outreach and planning phase is completed, the City plans to apply for additional funding to implement the identified infrastructure expansion projects.

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