‘This isn’t your typical survey.’ Engage in this card sorting exercise and help organize the City’s new website

There are no right or wrong answers — just topics grouped together as you see fit.

The City of Sacramento’s Information Technology Department is asking residents to partake in a free form “card sorting” exercise to help determine the user navigation for the City’s upcoming website redesign.

“This isn’t your typical survey,” said Greg Western, who is managing the redesign project. “There are no pre-set multiple-choice answers, no bubbles to click. It’s really up to each individual participant to identify and arrange their thoughts about how certain City topics can be linked together and connected.”

Click here to participate in the card sorting exercise. The activity is closing end of day Feb. 6. Users will be asked to enter their email. Once in the workspace, they can find additional directions here.

Card sorting is a method used to help design or evaluate the information architecture of a website. In this card sorting exercise, participants are asked to organize topics into groups that make sense to them; they also can offer labels for these groupings.

“Our new City website is focused on the user experience, and this card-sorting exercise will help determine how to best organize and present related information on our pages,” Western said.

The City has been working diligently on its website redesign over the past year and previously has asked the public to provide input on changes they would like to see.

Launched in 2013, the City’s current website is showing its age. With a redesign, the goal is to provide an improved user experience for everyone that visits the site.

The City expects to launch a significant portion of its new redesigned website in spring 2023, with other updated departmental sections arriving in phases throughout the year, Western said.

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