City seeks community input on bringing digital kiosks to Sacramento

Berkeley has them. So does Elk Grove. And now the City of Sacramento is exploring allowing digital kiosks on its streets.

Digital kiosks, also known as interactive kiosks, refer to public outdoor computer terminals that offer pedestrian and tourism information, transportation information, public safety announcements, social-services resources and Wi-Fi access.

The City’s Planning Division is working with Third Plateau, a social impact consulting firm, to develop information regarding digital kiosks and if they would be appropriate for Sacramento.

As a part of research, the City is looking to better understand the community’s needs and priorities related to digital kiosks.

Residents and visitors to Sacramento are invited take this short survey by March 24. At the end of the survey, participants can enter to win a $20 gift card.

“This is just the beginning phase of outreach and communication with Sacramento residents and visitors to understand the need or benefits of a digital tool on our streets,” said Jamie Mosler, associate planner with the City. “We are hoping to hear from the public to assist the City on how to go forward.”

City staff have been researching digital kiosks following a request from the City’s Law and Legislation Committee.

An update on the process is expected to be shared at the Law and Legislation Committee meeting on March 21.