City is seeking community input on 2040 General Plan and Climate Action Plan

The City of Sacramento is hosting a self-guided online workshop for community members to review and comment on the draft “Sacramento 2040” plans, an important citywide effort to update the General Plan and Climate Action & Adaptation Plan.  

“Sacramento 2040” is the City’s blueprint for how and where it will grow over the next 20 years and the framework to guide Sacramento’s efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change.  

The General Plan contains policies that guide transportation investments, housing development, historic preservation, public safety, economic development, equity and environmental justice, environmental protection, and more.  

The Climate Action & Adaptation Plan includes measures and actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, strategies for adapting to the projected impacts of climate change, and a path to reach carbon neutrality by 2045.  

Together, these documents guide the future development of Sacramento and help the City prioritize investments and programs.  

“We hope the community will take this opportunity to review and comment on these plans, as their input is important for Sacramento’s future,” said Remi Mendoza, senior planner with the City. “There are components of the General Plan and the Climate Action & Adaptation Plan that support Sacramento in fulfilling our vision to become a national model of sustainable, equitable growth and community development.”  

Organized by topic, the self-guided online workshop has 11 “stations” that summarize key moves and plan goals with questions for community members to respond to and opportunities for comment.  

The self-guided online workshop will be open to the public through August.

The City is holding three optional webinars to give a project overview and explain how to participate in the self-guided online workshop.

Each of the three webinars will present the same content, and each will include a Q&A session. They will be held on:

The City has done extensive outreach to the community for input on the draft plans starting with workshops back in 2019. After this round of input is provided, City staff will thoroughly review and analyze all community input and update the plans based on the outcomes of that input. 

Following those updates, City Council hearings and adoption are anticipated to begin near the end of the year or early 2024. 

Registration links and more information can be found on the project website  

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