Help shape the future of Sacramento. City asking for input on the 2040 General Plan

The City of Sacramento is asking Sacramentans to help shape the future of Sacramento by participating and providing feedback on the “Sacramento 2040” plans by Aug. 23 through the self-guided online workshop 

Sacramento 2040 is the City’s blueprint for how and where it will grow over the next 20 years and the framework to guide Sacramento’s efforts to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change.  

Sacramento 2040 includes: 

  • The 2040 General Plan, which contains policies that guide transportation investments, housing development, historic preservation, public safety, economic development, equity and environmental justice, environmental protection, and more.  
  • The Climate Action & Adaptation Plan, which includes measures and actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, strategies for adapting to the projected impacts of climate change, and a path to reach carbon neutrality by 2045. Together, these documents guide the future development of Sacramento and help the City prioritize investments and programs.    

“Providing feedback on these documents is a great way to help shape how our communities will look and feel for the next generation,” said Amy Yang, associate planner with the City. 

To provide comments, community members are invited to explore the Self-Guided Online Workshop, which is organized by topics or “stations,” summarizing key moves and goals.  

Other opportunities to provide comment include two upcoming City Council meetings in August.

City staff on Aug. 8 will provide an overview to City Council on the significant policies and actions proposed in the Draft 2040 General Plan. City staff on Aug. 22 will return to City Council to cover actions and measures proposed by the Draft Climate Action & Adaptation Plan.  

The City has done extensive outreach to the community for input on the draft plans starting with workshops back in 2019 and various pop-up events this summer to provide information and ways to be involved. City staff will review all comments and update the plans based on the outcomes of the community input.  

The link to the Self-Guided Online Workshop can be found on the project website The link to upcoming City Council agendas can be found here.   


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