City launches new website to bring attention to its cannabis equity program

The City of Sacramento recently launched a new website for its Cannabis Opportunity Reinvestment and Equity (CORE) program, which is dedicated to assisting individuals facing barriers in starting cannabis businesses due to the historical disparate enforcement of cannabis crimes.

The CORE program supports community members seeking opportunity and growth by offering cannabis business educational training, technical and financial assistance, and other guidance for succeeding in the cannabis industry.

The new website is designed to quickly and effectively communicate how residents can participate in the CORE program, what benefits they may receive and how to check eligibility. It also contains a directory of CORE businesses for people interested in supporting cannabis equity.

“The main mission of the CORE program is to promote social and economic equity in the cannabis industry, and we believe this new website will be a useful tool for sharing information and increasing awareness about the benefits of the program,” said Davina Smith, manager of the City’s Office of Cannabis Management.

Additionally, the new website features testimonials from current CORE members on how the program has helped them succeed in the legal cannabis market.

To learn more about CORE and upcoming opportunities for CORE members, please visit

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