VIDEO: Sacramento firefighters strengthen bonds and give back through baseball

City of Sacramento firefighters are gearing up for the National Police and Fire Baseball tournament in Boston this week. The team is not only focused on athletic achievements but also on supporting the Boston Fire Cancer Foundation.  

The Sacramento Fire Baseball team, which includes members from Rocklin Fire, Santa Rosa Fire and California State Park Rangers ,will be competing against Philadelphia Police Baseball, Dallas Fire Baseball and the FDNY Bravest Baseball team starting on Aug. 18.  

Two Sacramento firefighters — Captain Jarred Hunt and Captain Nathan Green — have proven that their passion for baseball goes beyond the field.

These two fire professionals, who joined the Sacramento Fire Department in 2001, have not only answered the call of duty more for than 20 years; they have also united over their shared love for baseball. 

“I loved baseball ever since I was a kid,” Green said.

Hunt and Green in 2003 took their shared interest to new heights when they joined the Sacramento Fire Baseball team.

What started as a squad exclusive to the Sacramento Fire Department has grown into a multi-agency collective, comprising more than 150 players representing 20 different organizations.  

“On the baseball field, you can learn a ton of life lessons,” Hunt said, emphasizing the value of the sport’s teachings in their firefighting roles. 

Despite shifts in the roster, the team’s unwavering dedication to charitable causes remains constant. With contributions surpassing $15,000, the Sacramento Fire Baseball team has made a notable impact, benefiting the Firefighters Burn Institute and various other charities. 

Beyond their philanthropic endeavors, the team’s competitive spirit has earned them eight medals to date — two gold, three silver, and three bronze in tournaments.  

Watch their story here, as part of the Sacramento Fire Department’s ongoing “I am Sacramento Fire” video series:

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