Looking for a new washing machine? This City rebate can help you save money and water

If you’re planning to buy a new washing machine, a rebate from the City of Sacramento could save you $125 on high-efficiency clothes washers.

The rebates are part of the City’s water conservation program, which helps customers reduce their water use.

“After showers and toilet flushing, washing clothes can be the next highest source of water use inside the home,” said William Granger, the City’s water conservation coordinator. “With a high-efficiency washer, you can use about 25 percent less energy and about 35 percent less water than regular washers.”

The rebate is only available to City of Sacramento customers, and people can apply by can visit the City’s water conservation website and follow the instructions.

Granger says it’s important to refer to the list of qualified washing machines before making a purchase.

“People can call 1-877-231-3625 to see if the machine they’re considering qualifies. The important thing to remember is machines must have a ‘water factor’ at or below 3.7.”

The City also offers rebates to upgrade other indoor and outdoor fixtures, including high-efficiency toilets.

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