‘Joyland’ returning to McClatchy Park

McClatchy Improvements Diagram

New play structures to be built this summer at McClatchy Park will feature a children’s adventure area complete with a roller coaster and trolley cars, like a century ago when the former Oak Park was an amusement park. An archway reminiscent of the original archway to Joyland will be part of the park theme.

Th original entrance to Oak Park
Th original entrance to Oak Park in 1903.

The improvements are among several coming to McClatchy Park, 3500 Fifth Avenue, approved by the City Council at its Jan. 7 meeting. The City plans to spend $3 million to add the play area along with a skate park, jogging trail, half-size court and drop shot basketball court for kids.

The improvements should be completed by fall of this year.  Also be sure to check out the article in the Sacramento Bee.

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