Folsom Lake at historic low levels

If you haven’t seen it in person, the visuals are striking. Folsom Lake is currently at a historic low capacity and visiting the near-bottom of what was previously under feet of water is an important reminder of how precious, and scarce, our resource can be.

Although Sacramento is seated at the confluence of two rivers amid a lush valley, water supplies are shortening with few relief in sight.Photos don’t do justice at how low the water level is. One’s sense of scale is even off, as a ten minute walk into the lake turns into thirty minutes. The shoreline is further away than it seems, which will strike at anyone visiting the reservoir.

The City of Sacramento Council recently voted to mandate Stage 2 water restrictions, which requires that all city customers reduce their usage by 20 – 30%.

  • Carwashing can be done on watering days with a hose equiped with an auto-shutoff nozzle.
  • Increased enforcement of the Water Conservation Ordinance;
  • Doubling fines for outdoor water waste violations.
  • Continue 1 day a week watering until March 9, 2014 and then 2 day a week watering through daylight savings time with limited irrigation hours;
  • Prohibit public use of water not necessarily for health and safety; and
  • Limited water main flushing.

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