Sacramento Named Nation’s No. 2 City for Open Data


The City earned national recognition recently as one of nation’s top cities for Open Data.

Sacramento is No. 2 in the U.S. City Open Data Census, a collaboration among Code for America, The Sunlight Foundation and The Open Knowledge Foundation that ranks the cities’ openness according to the number of datasets they have made available online.

“We’re committed to transparency. The open data portal ensures that public City data can be easily found and used by citizens,” said Maria MacGunigal, chief information officer for the City of Sacramento. “It is important to support and encourage innovation in our City. Providing access to information in a reliable consistent format encourages residents and businesses to find new ways of using public data. We will continue to add useful data and are encouraging the community to work with us and tell us what they need.”

Last year the city made the commitment to provide important public data online as part of an effort to increase openness, transparency and accountability in government. Sacramento partnered with a Silicon-based company, Junar, to provide the data in a one-stop format that allows visitors to view data as charts, in dashboards or in sortable spreadsheets.   Now available on the site are datasets for 311 service requests, finance and budget, police department statistics, citywide contracts, building permit numbers, census data, housing and education statistics and much more.

To view our Open Data Portal, visit:

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