City gets nearly $1 million from state to offset cost of drought-related devices

The City is preparing to keep water flowing by installing essential devices at its intake facilities to continue pumping water even when river levels are way down from years of drought.

The good news received from the state: The special devices to help pump water out of the American and Sacramento Rivers when water levels drop too low for the City’s pumps are being paid for by state funds. One device is already in place at the City’s Water Intake Facility on the Sacramento River. Another will be installed in December at the City’s American River intake.


At a press conference held Nov. 6 at the City’s Sacramento River Intake facility, the California Department of Water Resources announced nearly $14-million to fund projects throughout the Sacramento region to provide immediate drought relief and prepare for future droughts. The City was granted closed to $1 million for three projects – two intake devices and money to improve nine groundwater wells to supplement the City’s river water supply. In general, each well site requires a pump, motor, electrical and mechanical improvements, treatment systems and shelters to secure supplies and equipment. Once complete, wells will be capable of producing 7.7 million gallons of groundwater per day.

The City has been a leader in water conservation and is becoming a model for California communities. City water customers are saving over 1 billion gallons of water per month. This is approximately a steady 20 percent reduction every month.


Thanks to citizens for their outstanding water conservation efforts. For more information about the City’s track record in water conservation please visit or follow on Facebook at

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