Top Five Reasons why State of the City is important to Sacramento

This annual, free event is available to all of Sacramento, but you may be wondering why you should attend. Wonder no more, as we’ve compiled the Top Five Reasons why a State of the City event is important to this special place we call Sacramento.

  1. It builds community – What could be better than grabbing a bite to eat, then heading out to fill Memorial Auditorium with your peers and community members alike? Meet new people, or just see the show, it’s your choice! When a community gets together, it really shows off how we’re “Sacramento Strong.”
  2. Find out what’s coming in 2015 – Want to know what new projects or programs are hitting the town? Curious about the latest trends for our city? Or maybe you just want to see what what’s in store for 2015? The annual State of the City is a great place to get the facts in an exciting format.
  3. It’s fun! – State of the City has lights, music, and action! Event goers are in for a treat, and this year will surely excite. From Hip Service America’s high-energy routines, to Sacramento’s own, David Garibaldi, this year’s event is going to pack a punch. Even Kings Announcer Scott Moak will be there! Get your ticket, bring a friend, and enjoy!
  4. It doesn’t cost a thing – Well, we do ask that you bring a canned good to be donated to the Sacramento and River City Food Banks. Other than that, we believe that free, community events stay true to the fibers of what make our city great.
  5. It celebrates our great city – Our city is our pride. Successes, what’s ahead in the coming year, and showing off all come together in one thrilling event. What more do you need?


Want more reasons? Find further info and register for your tickets at State of the City. Oh, and don’t forget to share with your friends. We can’t wait to see you there!