licensed dog

Front Street Animal Shelter launches ‘License for Love’ campaign and ‘Free Ride Home Program’

An estimated 10,000 animals enter the Front Street Animal Shelter every year; many of these animals are lacking a license, microchip or ID tag. Without proper identification, dogs that would have otherwise been reunited with their owners end up at the shelter. The goal of the License for Love campaign is to reduce the number of pets coming to the shelter by ensuring that all pets are afforded a license.

In addition to increasing a pet’s odds of being found if they are lost, licensing provides much needed funds to the shelter’s low cost or free spray and neuter program. Licensing also provides funding to other areas of the shelter.

The shelter is also committed to returning all licensed pets home. With that commitment, the shelter is introducing the Free Ride Home Program. Pets wearing a license or a registered microchip that is traceable will be returned home by an animal control officer (this is provided that there are no serious law violations such as a bite, and that an adult owner is home to receive the pet).

For more information visit the City’s Animal-Care page.