Art of the Dumpster

Sacramento’s “Art of the Dumpster” gets national attention

Last year the Power Inn Alliance, in conjunction with the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission, transformed dumpsters into creative works of art. The Art of the Dumpster showcases the uniqueness of the Power Inn area with creative designs on a very unusual canvas…dumpsters

Using 22 foot-long dumpsters, the Art of the Dumpster featured ten emerging artists using ten dumpsters as their canvas. The purpose of transforming the dumpsters into artistic pieces of art was not about just putting paint on steel. It was to let people know what the Power Inn area of Sacramento is all about. Typically the Power Inn area is synonymous with warehouses, recycling and soccer fields. The Art of the Dumpster showcases the identity of the area in an artistic way.

Once the artwork on the dumpsters was completed, the public had the opportunity to view the exhibit over the summer months. Each of the dumpster art pieces is festive and unique in its own ways. The video below, produced by PBS, visually showcases the amazing work by local Sacramento artists and how nontraditional avenues of art can reflect the values and identity of a community.


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