Are you one of the 1,433 names on the City’s list of unclaimed property?

City releases this year’s list of people or organizations owed money from the City; June 24 is deadline to submit claim

Today the City of Sacramento published a list of unclaimed property held by the City and instructions to claim it. To review the unclaimed property list, instructions and claim form, please visit the Unclaimed Property page.

Property owners will have 60 days from the date of the first publication to submit a valid claim.  The deadline to submit a valid claim is June 24, 2015. Valid claims will require proof of ownership.  The City expects the claims administration process will take several months. At the end of this process, any unclaimed property will become the property of the City of Sacramento.

The unclaimed property list consists of 1,433 unclaimed items including uncashed vendor and employee checks and utility account credit balances.  Utility account credit balances occur when a customer overpays their account and does not request a refund.  The total dollar amount of items on the list is approximately $177,000 and the average amount per customer is approximately $124.

This process is repeated each spring.

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