$500,000 in grants for arts organizations that bring arts to diverse audiences

The Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission (SMAC) has announced the release of the application and guidelines for a new Cultural Equity grant program to support organizations that serve diverse audiences and audiences with little or no access to the arts. SMAC invites all arts and cultural organizations with operational budgets of $500,000 or less to apply.  Applicants must submit their application here, on or before Thursday, October 15, 2015.

“The Sacramento City Council established this grant program to bring arts and cultural opportunities to individuals within the City of Sacramento with limited resources to engage with the arts and to diverse audiences within the City.” said Arts Commission Director Shelly Willis.

$500,000 in grant funds will be distributed over three years to small budget arts and cultural organizations with this purpose.” – Shelly Willis, Arts Commission Director

Organizations may apply for up to $20,000 under one of two categories: Project Support or Capacity Building.  Arts projects funded under the Project Support category must serve diverse audiences and provide greater access to the arts for individuals, families and entire communities residing in the City.  Capacity Building grantees must strengthen their organizations’ capacity to continue to offer high quality arts and cultural programs to diverse audiences or underserved communities.  Applicants should read the grant guidelines, available on the SMAC website, before applying.

For further information on programs and opportunities visit Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission website.

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Shelly Willis, SMAC Executive Director & Public Art Program Director



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