AUDIO: City employee saves the life of another with kidney donation

Over the past few months, Jan Ebert went on a journey to save a life. Real Property Agent for the City of Sacramento, her dedication to service and her friends seems to know no boundaries.

After her dear friend, Margaret Ong, had reached out to the Davis Enterprise in hopes of receiving a kidney donation, Jan Ebert knew right away that she had to get tested to see if she was a match.

“I just immediately called the person and just said, ‘How do I get started?’ because I had no clue how to start or whatever, and she said, ‘You just go down to the BloodSource place and they take your blood and we’ll be able to find out if you’re a match.’”

The two friends had worked together at the Sacramento Fire Department for three years and had maintained a relationship ever since. Jan did not hesitate when she found that her friend was in need and marched to the hospital to get tested.

“I tested in December and was accepted by January, and started doing the testing and everything else…”

City Manager, John Shirey, Margaret Ong, Real Property Agent, Jan Ebert, and Public Works Director, Jerry Way
City Manager, John Shirey, Margaret Ong, Real Property Agent, Jan Ebert, and Public Works Director, Jerry Way

Initially, Jan was rejected by the hospital, twice, because of medical issues she’d suffered in the past. This did not stop her and instead she was now motivated more than ever to donate her kidney to Margaret. As time went on, Margaret’s kidney started to decline and Jan continued to push for the kidney donation to happen.

“And she was starting to fail [her kidneys] so I was really getting worried because she hadn’t had to go on dialysis yet, and she didn’t want to go on dialysis if we were going to be able to do the transplant.”

Although her recovery took an extra two weeks longer than expected, Jan states that she is feeling great and back to normal.

“I’m totally perfect now; I’m back to exercising, losing weight like I’m supposed to.”

Jan is grateful to be given the opportunity to save a life and encourages others to educate themselves on how they can donate and help raise awareness.

“I just wish that more people, at least, went and found information out about it. You know, you can always change your mind, they told that throughout the whole entire process. You know if you really feel like you could because you’re a fairly healthy person, then why not? Why not at least extend that nice gift that can save someone’s life?

Jan Ebert with Public Works Director, Jerry Way
Jan Ebert with Public Works Director, Jerry Way

Currently, another City of Sacramento employee is in search of a kidney donation. Firefighter/medic, Tad Suwa is a hero who needs a hero. Learn more about Suwa and find out more about becoming a living donor here.

Sign up to be tested by contacting the UC Davis Transplant Center by calling 800-821-9912 or 916-734-2307 or visit their website.

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