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Parking improvements to enhance downtown experience

Tiered-based pricing

The City is striving to make the downtown experience more convenient, pleasant, and accessible. SacPark meter pricing is a tier-based model that offers motorists the option of extending a metered parking session beyond the posted time limit. Motorists can now stay parked at their meters and not worry about a parking citation. Time extensions can be paid for at the meter, or remotely through an app with a smart phone or mobile device.

How it works

Sacramento Parking

The regular $1.75 per hour rate will apply for the number of hours posted on the meter sign. Motorists who need to park longer will pay $3 for up to one more hour (Tier 2). Any additional hours parked beyond that will be $3.75 each hour (Tier 3). For example, a sign reflecting 1+ means $1.75 for the first hour, then $3.00 for the next hour, and $3.75 for every hour thereafter.

All the prices will be shown in the meter display. More details about the tiered-based pricing structure and the Parkmobile meter payment app are available at SacPark under the Meters menu.

Sacramento Parking

Coming to a meter near you

Tiered-based pricing is now available around the Crocker Art Museum. Expansion of tiered-based pricing to all short-term meters will be a phased approach between April and October 2016 to existing metered within the Central City. Meters less than one hour and the green Pay and Display multi-space meters will not be part of the tiered-based pricing program.

Find Your Spot!

Future improvements include features that allow drivers to use a mobile app to find available spots at on-street metered spaces and lots, the ability to purchase parking spots in advance, and real time traffic information.

Visit SacPark to stay updated on both current and upcoming parking improvements in the City.

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