City and State of California’s fiber-sharing agreement leverages underutilized City fiber assets to benefit both

Interagency collaboration to save more than $2 million in City taxpayer dollars.

The City of Sacramento and State of California are partnering to provide each other a savings on fiber and internet connectivity.

The City and State just signed a long-term fiber sharing agreement which allows the State to use City fiber assets in exchange for services. The agreement will allow the City to connect six State buildings to the State network using the City’s fiber and conduit assets. In exchange, the State will provide high speed internet and security services to the City through 2026.

“This is a great example of leveraging a City asset that is not being fully utilized, in return for a significant benefit to both City and State. This is government at its best,” Maria MacGunigal, Chief Information Officer at the City.

“Our partnership with the City of Sacramento demonstrates government’s commitment to working together for the benefit of taxpayers.” said Chris Cruz, Chief Deputy Director of Operations for the California Department of Technology.  “This partnership enables the state to provide government services efficiently, effectively and securely and we’re thankful for the cooperative approach the City has shared in this endeavor.”

The partnership with the State will pay off in the form of a $2 million taxpayer savings over the next decade. It will also allow the City to better stop malicious activity before it reaches the City network and increase the City’s internet speed. The State saves $20,000 per month or a total of $2 million in 10 years, from making use of the City’s fiber to network State buildings.