RSW Pilot Parking Program

Pilot program in Midtown seeks to clarify City Services signage, increase parking supply

Leaf Season is in full swing in the City of Sacramento

Leaf collection with the claw is one of the five street cleaning services the City provides, which also includes weekly garbage and yard waste collection, bi-weekly recycling collection, and street sweeping from February to October.

In Midtown, parking restrictions give City trucks access to the street so they can pick up cans, sweep to the curb, and collect leaf piles.

The City of Sacramento is testing new once a month parking restrictions on some blocks in a portion of midtown – a first for the City.  Tailoring restrictions based on the level of service, block-by-block, gives the City the access it needs and increases the availability of parking in Midtown.


Signage in the pilot has also been updated with the term “City Services” instead of “Street Cleaning.” The six month pilot program went into effect October 24th and stretches from19th to 23rd Streets and N to Q Streets.

To allow residents and guests to get accustomed to the new once a month restrictions the City’s parking enforcement team will be issuing warnings through December, 2016.

For more information about the parking pilot and street cleaning services in please contact the City at

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