Greenhouse gas emissions? What the City is doing to reduce them


“Greenhouse gas emissions” and the “Paris Climate Agreement” may have been trending lately, but the City of Sacramento’s commitment to reducing them dates back more than a decade.

Sacramento has a long-standing commitment to sustainability, marked by adoption of a Sustainability Master Plan in 2007, followed with a 2011 Sustainability Implementation Plan, the 2012 Climate Action Plan, and the 2016 Climate Action Plan for Internal Operations. In 2016, Sacramento became the fourth city in California to endorse the Under2 MOU, a coalition of governments pledging to roll back GHG emissions to carbon-neutral levels by 2050.

The City stays remains focused on achieving state and locally-adopted targets, including striving toward long-term greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions. The City’s General Plan goals are consistent with global targets to limit global warming below 2 degrees Celsius. Leading by example, the City has already achieved a 24 percent reduction in municipal GHG emissions since 2005.

Learn about the City’s efforts in the 2016 Climate Action Plan for Internal Operations, the Environmental Resources Element of the General Plan; or in the City’s endorsement of the Under2 MOU.