City of Sacramento powers up public access to its data

New open data portal makes it easier for citizens to analyze City metrics: Explore, visualize, build, share!

As part of the City of Sacramento’s ongoing commitment to transparency, accountability, and citizen engagement, the enhanced Sacramento Open Data Portal is now easier to explore, visualize and download data. Developers can also use exported data to build new Web and mobile applications.

Sacramento was an early adopter of Open Data and transparency initiatives. The City continues to lead with this latest version. Data will be provided in a user-friendly format that was not as readily available as on the previous platform. The City’s public web maps will also be cataloged in a data hub.

The new site adds new functionality:

  • significant improvements allow users to better visualize spatial data and highlight spatial patterns and trends
  • the ability to generate simple analysis on-the-fly
  • create applications or share data links and embedded maps

“Data is a powerful community asset that can drive citizen engagement and innovation, improve trust, and provide meaningful insights,” said Chief Information Officer Maria MacGunigal.

“This is an exciting step in our ongoing commitment to making information and data available to the public in an easy-to-use form.”

Try it out!  Watch a brief tutorial below.

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