City continues to lead by example by increasing the sustainability of its Fleet!

Image courtesy: Chevrolet

The City of Sacramento recently added 35 new Chevrolet Bolts to its Fleet. The addition of the clean zero emission vehicles helps the City reach its sustainability goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This procurement also demonstrates early City leadership and progress towards aggressive City policies for the adoption of zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) technologies.

The Chevrolet Bolt provides an extended mileage range of more than 230 miles in comparison to similar EV vehicles at the same price point. Therefore, daily operations will not be limited due to vehicle mileage range. With lower energy costs and reduced maintenance needs, the Bolts will also provide important operational benefits. The City anticipates that each Bolt will provide annual cost savings of approximately 66 percent in comparison to gasoline sedans in the City fleet, with per-mile cost savings estimated at 50 percent.

The City of Sacramento is committed to sustainability. In an effort to reduce overall petroleum consumption, the City’s investment in alternative fuel technology resulted in a 26 percent decrease in total fuel consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions from the fleet decreased by 7,438 metric tons since 2010.

Additionally, the City recently adopted the first ever Electric Vehicle Strategy. The plan establishes clear targets and priorities for the City to advance the adoption of electric vehicle (EV) and zero-emission Vehicles (ZEVs). Along with this plan, the City also amended the Fleet Sustainability Policy to establish a “ZEV First” commitment, including a pledge for at least 50% of annul light-duty fleet purchases to be ZEV by 2018 and 75% of annual light—duty fleet purchases to be ZEV by 2020.  Read the City’s fleet policy online and learn more about the City’s EV Strategy and related efforts.

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