City begins installation of Parking Protected Bikeways

Beginning this week, Sacramento residents and commuters may see a flurry of activity downtown including lane reconfiguration and striping to install the City’s first parking protected bikeways.

The new safety improvement is part of the City’s Vision Zero Program to eliminate severe injuries and traffic fatalities by calming traffic, improving pedestrian crossings and make the streets more comfortable to bike.

This Downtown Bikeways project and is expected to be completed by mid-May 2018.

What is a Parking Protected Bikeway?

Parking protected bikeways are created by moving the parking lane out into the street and putting the bike lane next to the curb. This turns the parking lane into a buffer zone between bicyclists and moving vehicles. These bikeways will allow people of all ages and levels to bike the grid, separated from moving traffic.  They will also improve pedestrian safety by increasing sight lines and reducing the number of travel lanes to cross.

How to use a Parking Protected Bikeway

Watch this video on how to correctly use a Parking Protected Bikeway.

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Where will these bikeways be located?

  • P Street from 9th to 15th Streets
  • Q Street from 9th to 15th Streets
  • 10th Street from Q to I Streets

A ribbon cutting will be scheduled mid-May as part of May is Bike Month. Stay tuned for a video tutorial and more information on activities for May is Bike Month.

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