Vote early, don’t wait for Election Day

Check your mail box! All registered voters in Sacramento County will soon be receiving a ballot in the mail. You will have 3 options for voting;

(1) By Mail – You can mail your ballot as soon as you receive it. Ballots go out this week. Be sure to sign the envelope and affix postage.

(2) County Ballot Drop Box – You can drop off your ballot at any secure Ballot Drop Box in the County as soon as you receive it. Most libraries are drop off sites. No postage is required at a Ballot Drop Box.

(3) Vote Center – Vote in person at any Vote Center in your county starting October 27. At every Vote Center you can:

  • Vote in-person.
  • Register and vote the same day, all the way through Election Day.
  • Drop off your completed ballot.
  • Vote with an accessible voting machine.
  • Get help and voting materials in multiple languages.

To find out where Vote Centers and Ballot Drop Boxes are located, visit: The Sacramento VCC website has a lookup tool for nearby vote centers here. is also a great resource for information about voting in Sacramento County.

Not sure if you are registered to vote? You can check on your registration status here, or register to vote here!

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