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The City Council’s meeting schedule has changed for 2019. Here’s how

Wondering why the 2019 City Council meeting schedule includes new monthly 2 p.m. gatherings? Here’s a rundown on what has changed on the City’s calendar.

The Sacramento City Council has changed its meeting schedule for 2019. Why?

The change in meeting schedule was approved by voters in November 2018 as part of Measure K, also known as the “Sacramento City Government Accountability and Efficiency Act.” The measure amends section 31 of the City Charter, which governs Council meetings. The Council now sets its meeting schedule by annual resolution, provided that “a majority” of the regular meetings are held after 5 p.m. The Council passed its 2019 meeting schedule at its meeting on Dec. 11, 2018.

What was the old meeting schedule?

Section 31 previously required the Council to meet after 5 p.m. at least one day a week (not including four weeks a year as designated).

What is the new meeting schedule?

Under the new meeting schedule, the Council will convene at 5 p.m. on the first and fourth Tuesday of the month and at 2 p.m. the second Tuesday (with some exceptions). In addition, the Council will reserve 5 p.m. on the third Tuesday to hold meetings as needed.

Why schedule a meeting in the afternoon?

The Council in 2018 held several 2 p.m. meetings and found them to be productive. Afternoon meetings also allow citizens with evening conflicts to attend City Council meetings at least once a month.

How did the City Council create this schedule?

The City Clerk’s office worked with the City Council and staff to come up with the meeting schedule. Councilmembers sit on other committees and boards that often meet in the evenings, and this new schedule takes that into account. It also reflects the fact that the City Council is not a full-time council, and most Councilmembers have other employment in addition to the work they do on Council.

How does the Council’s new meeting schedule compare to others in the area?

The Sacramento City Council continues to meet more often than other city councils in the area, including those in Roseville, Folsom and Elk Grove. The Council’s monthly meeting frequency is similar to the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors’.

To view the Council’s 2019 meeting schedule, click here. 


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