Leaves glow in the sun

2019 leaf season ends soon

The City will begin its final collection of yard waste piles beginning Monday, Jan. 28. It will take City crews about 7 to 10 days to go through the City and pick-up the last piles.

“It is important to understand that anything put out after the last completed pick up is considered illegal dumping,” said Erin Treadwell Community Outreach and Media Manager with the Recycling and Solid waste Division. “The safest way to ensure piles will be picked up is to have leaf piles out by Sunday, Jan. 27.”

The online calendar at www.sacrecycle.org will give an estimate of the last collection service in Sacramento neighborhoods. To help manage leaf piles, the City recommends residents to fill their yard waste containers first before putting leaves and yard waste out for street pick-up.

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