New interactive art allows Sacramento residents to ‘soar’ on their Instagram

Large bronze sculptures from Mexico City were unveiled at a March 1 press conference at Capitol Mall.

“Capitol Mall and our City has been changing very dramatically in the last few years, said Councilmember Steve Hansen at the press event. “Some would say the city is soaring and now we have the wings to prove it.”

The sculptures, collectively called “Wings of the City,” are from renowned Mexican artist Jorge Marín. The interactive art pieces symbolize cultural exchange and have been designed to evoke thoughts related to the spiritual virtues of humankind.

Elected officials, the Consul General of Mexico, and representatives from the artist’s foundation and the City’s Convention and Cultural Services gathered in front of the 11-foot wings sculpture directly across from the State Capitol building.

“These installations allow us to have community conversations about art and helps us ask questions about our own identity and what we believe our city should be like,” said Vice Mayor Eric Guerra.

The delivery and display of the art pieces were made possible by the City’s Convention and Cultural Services Division in partnership with the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Consulate General of Mexico in Sacramento and the Jorge Marin Foundation. Additional Sponsors include the Mexican Cultural Center of Northern California, Cien Amigos civic organization and private donors.

“Wings of the City is more than a work of art, it is a bridge of friendship that further strengthens the bonds that exist between Mexico and Sacramento,” said Liliana Ferrer, Sacramento Consul General of Mexico. “The interactive nature of this exhibition provides a wonderful opportunity for the community to interact, learn, and embrace different cultures.”

Nine sculptures will be available for public viewing and interaction beginning March 1, and will remain in Downtown Sacramento through November 2019.

The art pieces have been on display in various international cities and the United States since 2013. Sacramento is the third City in California to showcase the nine pieces.

“I encourage the fact that my work generates a very intimate dialogue with the viewer; a kind of mirror where yourself will end up reflecting on very personal topics: your fears, desires, fantasies, joys,” said Jorge Marín.

Marín, a sculptor and painter, was born in Uruapan, Michoacán, Mexico. He has been an active figure in the contemporary art world for the past 25 years. His work often depicts horses, centaurs and acrobats, along with elements such as masks, wings, arrows, spheres, boats and scales.

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