Here’s how to keep your pets safe and sane this July 4

It’s the busiest time of year for the City of Sacramento’s Front Street Animal Shelter.

“Every July, we see a huge influx of animals scared away from their homes and owners by fireworks,” said Bobby Mann, communications director for Front Street.

Simple practices can help keep your pets safe on July 4, and make it much more likely that you’ll get them back if they do go missing, he said.

  • 1) Get pets microchipped and keep collars with ID tags on at all times. At the Front Street Shelter, you can get a free ID tag and a $5 microchip without an appointment.
  • 2) Keep pets inside and make windows and doors are kept closed at all times. 
  • 3) If pets absolutely must be outside, make sure all gates are closed and locked. Also make sure that your pet can’t climb over, under, or through a fence. 
  • 4) Draw the blinds and keep pets in a dark room. Play relaxing music to drown out the sounds of fireworks. 
  • 5) Don’t bring pets to fireworks shows or outdoor venues where fireworks may be set off.
  • 6) Keep pets on leash during walks.

Front Street Shelter advises owners to start preparing now and continue following these practices after the 4th, as fireworks are often set off in the days before and after Independence Day. 

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