Construction underway on the McKinley Water Vault

Construction of the McKinley Water Vault, the underground storage tank that will hold combined storm water and wastewater during big storms, is underway.

To make room for the construction of the water vault, some areas around the park will be closed or modified to accommodate construction activity. During construction, 33rd Street from Park Way to McKinley Boulevard will be closed to traffic. Residents who walk, jog or bike in the area are asked to be aware of their surroundings in close proximity to the construction area and to watch for detour signs.

“The plan in place for this project’s construction is to try to mitigate interference for the residents as much as possible,” said Department of Utilities Director, Bill Busath. “This is a critical improvement to the McKinley Park and East Sacramento areas. The project will not only reduce flooding, but will also include significant improvements to the park, such as a new multi-purpose field and bathroom facilities, picnic benches and shade structures, and more than 60 new trees.”

Once Completed

The vault will be used during storms and will temporarily store wastewater so stormwater can drain efficiently and not flood the streets. East Sacramento is at the top end of the combined sewer system that flows to the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant.

When the combined sewer system is at maximum capacity, flooding and outflows occur in East Sacramento from local runoff and sewage. The McKinley Water Vault will reduce flooding and outflows by temporarily storing the wastewater.

As an added benefit, the vault project will also include park enhancements such as improved jogging paths, new restrooms, upgraded picnic areas, shade structures, new landscaping, and the addition of more than 60 trees.

Four Phases of Construction

The McKinley Water Vault construction is broken into four main phases which include:

  • Phase 1 (Summer-Fall 2019): The first step will include mobilization, traffic control, site prep and excavation.
  • Phase 2 (Fall 2019 to Fall 2020): The concrete vault will be built.
  • Phase 3 (Fall 2020 to Spring 2021): The contractor will import dirt to bury the newly constructed vault.
  • Phase 4 (Spring-Summer 2021): Park enhancements.

For questions or concerns, please contact or (916) 808-5545.

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