These local City spots can help you beat the August heat

Triple-digit temperatures are expected to return to Sacramento this week. According to the National Weather Service, the city will see a high of 103 on Wednesday and Thursday before cooling down to the mid-90s on Friday.

City officials will be keeping an eye on the thermometer. However, it is unlikely temperatures will reach the thresholds required for the City to open 24-hour cooling centers, said Daniel Bowers, Director of Emergency Management for the City of Sacramento.

To open 24-hour cooling centers, there has to be a “heat index of over 105 degrees Fahrenheit with credible weather forecasts of excessively hot weather for more than three days (high daytime temps) accompanied by night temps of 75 degrees Fahrenheit or more,” according to the Severe Weather Guidance plan for Sacramento.

Looking for a cool space to chill during the day? Local community centers, libraries and City pools can help you beat the August heat.

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