Calling all bards: Sacramento is searching for its next Poet Laureate

The Sacramento Metro Arts Commission is inviting writers living in Sacramento County to submit an application to become the next official poet of Sacramento.

Called the Poet Laureate, this person acts as an ambassador of the literary arts by giving talks and readings at schools, meetings and events in Sacramento.

“The Poet Laureate represents our city and region and serves as a human face for the arts,” said Ray Gargano, Grants and Cultural Program Manager. “They have a platform to reach wide audiences and share the culture of our community through poetry and writing.”

To be awarded the honorary title, applicants must demonstrate professional artistic talent, have an established presence in Sacramento and show a commitment to poetry and civic discourse. They also should have a history of encouraging literary awareness in their community.

The appointment is for a three-year term. Applications can be submitted electronically to the City through Nov. 8. A full list of guidelines can be found here.

Sacramento started its Poet Laureate program in 2000. Poet, playwright and author Indigo Moor currently holds the title.

The Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission was established in 1977 and is funded by the City and County of Sacramento to support, promote and advance the arts in the region.

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