What the City is doing to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19

Local leaders, led by Sacramento County Supervisor Phil Serna, met with the public Sunday at the Sacramento County Administration Building to address concerns related to COVID-19.

Officials at the event included Sen. Richard Pan, Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, Assemblyman Jim Cooper, County Health Services Director Dr. Peter Beilenson, Mayor Darrell Steinberg, Mayor Pro Tem Angelique Ashby and Councilmember Eric Guerra.

“We are working to be sure that we are keeping people safe,” said Pan, who also is a practicing pediatrician. He reiterated that the risk to the general public is “low.”

The officials, representing state, county and city government, declared their commitment to working together and to creating in the next few days a collaborative decision-making process regarding any potential closure of an institution or public event in the area.

This process would include close consultation with medical experts, including those from Sacramento County Public Health. The goal is the make decisions based on facts and science and to help assuage any fear or anxiety, they said.

The California Department of Public Health this weekend also released new guidance for school supervisors and event organizers, including potential scenarios and what steps should be taken.

Sacramento County Public Health is the agency responsible for response to communicable disease affecting the public. The City has been in continuous contact with County and State officials and is following all guidance and recommendations.

In addition, the City has taken the following steps to protect its employees and the public:

  • Initiated preparedness actions with Fire and Police personnel and certain field staff in early February, providing protective equipment and training in order to best serve our community.
  • Increased the disinfection of all often-touched areas and materials at City facilities, including door handles and elevator buttons.
  • Boosted the availability of hygiene supplies at customer-service counters, security kiosks and primary entry-and-exit ways and posted informational signage.
  • Shared important guidance from the County and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with the public.

For more local information about COVID-19, stay informed by visiting the County’s Public Health website.

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