McKinley Water Vault has entered the ‘build phase’

Construction continues on schedule for the McKinley Water Vault, the underground storage tank that will hold combined storm water and wastewater during big storms.

The vault is being constructed underneath the George “Butter” Cole Field in McKinley Park and will protect property and people by reducing street flooding and combined sewer system outflows.

“The McKinley Water Vault team is working hard to complete the project on schedule, and we are on track to finish next summer,” said James Yorita, engineering project manager for the City. “More than 60,000 cubic yards of soil have been excavated and removed from the park and more than 4,000 cubic yards of concrete have been delivered with minimal impact to the park and community.”

The McKinley Water Vault construction is comprised of four phases:

  • Phase 1 (Complete): This completed phase included mobilization, traffic control, site prep and excavation.
  • Phase 2 (fall 2019 to fall 2020): Crews will build the concrete wall.
  • Phase 3 (fall 2020 to spring 2021): The contractor will import dirt to bury the newly constructed vault.
  • Phase 4 (spring to summer 2021): Crews will add park enhancements.

The first phase (the “dig” phase) began in summer 2019 and is complete. The “build” phase is now 40 percent finished. Crews recently poured the concrete of the deck. This “build” phase of the project will continue through early fall.

“We anticipate the next phase of the project will start on time, weather permitting, and remain confident of the target completion date,” Yorita said.

The final park enhancements will include jogging path improvements, new restrooms, new picnic area tables, benches and BBQ pits, new shade structures, more than 60 trees and new landscaping.

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