Car-share programs in Sacramento boost their vehicle cleanings

Allowed to operate under the current stay-at-home orders from the State and County, car-share operators in Sacramento have increased their cleaning protocols to ensure residents can responsibly take essential trips.

“GIG Car Share and Zipcar have both enhanced cleaning to ensure surfaces of the cars are disinfected in accordance with recommendations from the CDC,” said Jennifer Venema, sustainability manager for the Department of Public Works.

Two car-share programs currently operate citywide: GIG Car Share and Zipcar. Residents at certain multi-family properties also have access to on-site car share through Our Community CarShare (operated by Zipcar) or Envoy. Both GIG Car Share and Envoy launched locally through Electrify America’s $44 million Sac-to-Zero investment in Sacramento, bringing over 260 electric car share vehicles to Sacramento.

Following the stay at home order in Sacramento County, GIG Car Share took its entire fleet of cars offline to deep steam clean and disinfect each car. In recent weeks, GIG has placed hand sanitizer in all its cars and doubled the frequency of cleanings, paying special attention to frequently touched areas.

Similarly, Zipcar updated its cleaning regimen by incorporating antiviral and antimicrobial solutions, and trained staff on how to maintain hygiene and reduce exposure. Our Community Carshare and Envoy have similarly increased cleanings in accordance with CDC guidelines.

With reduced public transit services, some residents who rely on these services are faced with challenges when trying to identify ways to safely travel to and from essential work or errands, Venema said. Car-share services can help provide a solution.

“People with limited access to transportation options can utilize these car-share programs to travel separately from others,” Venema said. “It’s important for anyone who uses the service to remember to practice enhanced hygiene, utilize sanitizing wipes, wash hands before and after use and only travel with those they live with.”

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