City announces $7.5 million ‘Creative Economy Recovery’ program to help the arts, cultural organizations and tourism

The Sacramento City Council on Tuesday approved the framework for the $7.5 million Creative Economy Recovery program designed to help arts groups, tourism and cultural organizations during the pandemic.

The program aims to uplift the local creative economy as well as assist iconic city-owned institutions including the Sacramento Zoo and Fairytale Town. It is funded by the $89 million the City received from the federal CARES Act.

“Art is a fundamental form of creative expression,” said Councilmember Steven Hansen. “This program offers an opportunity to dig deep into our communities and support those who are crying out for resources and help. We want to ensure no one is left behind in this grant process and we must uphold our arts equity principles for all of Sacramento’s creative and cultural communities.”

The Office of Arts & Culture built the Creative Economy Recovery program framework with input from the City’s Arts Culture and Creative Economy Commission and was designed to align with the goals of the Creative Edge cultural plan.

“Our goal is to provide grants to support the local creative economy in an equitable and diverse manner and uplift all of Sacramento’s creative economy,” said Ray Gargano, arts program coordinator. “That is why we are dedicating a large portion of the $7.5 million into Cultural Equity Investment grants.”

The Creative Economy Recovery program includes six specific grant opportunities so monies can be dispersed to businesses, institutions, individual artists, education opportunities and organizations representing culturally diverse communities and neighborhoods.

In addition, one of the grant opportunities will also help these groups respond to coronavirus with equipment needs like personal protective equipment or with purchasing technology to transition programs to be virtual.

The application period for the grants is July 8 through July 22. Find more details on the program here.

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