Sacramento is making progress toward electric vehicle transportation goals

The City of Sacramento has big goals to make it easier for people to use and access electric vehicles (EVs) in Sacramento, including both plug-in EVs and fuel-cell electric vehicles. Progress toward those goals is highlighted in a recently released EV Strategy Progress Report.

“The City of Sacramento developed the EV Strategy as a bold plan to advance EV adoption through charging infrastructure access, partnerships, affordability, innovation and workforce development,” said Sustainability Program Manager Jennifer Venema.

City Council adopted the EV Strategy in December 2017. The progress report highlights the status and key accomplishments since then. Some milestones include:

  • The launch of two new all-electric car share programs that brought more than 300 EVs to the City.
  • An expansion of City-owned, publicly accessible EV chargers.
  • Growth in the City’s EV fleet (which was awarded the top government green fleet in the nation in 2019).
  • An increase in public incentives, education and outreach.

“A great example of a recent accomplishment is the replacement and expansion of electric vehicle charging stations at the five City-owned parking garages where EV charging is currently free to the public,” Venema explained. “Now, with 85 EV connectors available, we have nearly doubled the number of public chargers at these five sites.”

The City is currently planning for expansion of the charging network to increase access in neighborhoods that lack public charging options.

The City also recently chose two artists to design a series of wrapped curbside electric vehicle charging stations in Midtown as part of a partnership with EVgo Chargers and the City.

While the City has made significant progress, there is still much work to be done, Venema said.

“Continued effort and our strong partnerships are critical to achieve EV goals,” she said. “The City has the opportunity to really expand EV access and the benefits of zero-emission technologies for Sacramento’s communities. These technologies offer cleaner air, more affordable and reliable transportation and new workforce opportunities. We are excited to continue on this path.”

To read the report or for more information about the City’s EV Strategy, click here.

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