This website can help Sacramento youth find things to do while on winter break

City of Sacramento youth development staff are reminding young people on winter break that Youth Link, a website with more than 350 resources and activities, can be a one-stop shop for finding positive and productive things to do.

The website launched in August and was created by the City as a way to centralize resources for youth during the pandemic.

“So many opportunities are available for our youth to explore, and we’re happy to provide a tool that keeps young people and the community connected during such a difficult time,” said Lindee Lane, youth development policy manager for the City. “We are thrilled to be working with so many youth serving organizations at a time when their partnership means the most.”

Youth Link contains useful resources for older youth, teens and families with newborns as well as ways to access recreational, academic, health-and-wellness and workforce-readiness activities. It also contains COVID-19 resources.

“The Youth Link website solves the struggle of locating activities by placing them in one, easily accessible space,” said Emily Martin,  program manager for the Youth Help Network. “We love that folks can filter activities by age range and special populations to find appropriate activities to fit their age group or individual needs.”

People can also submit activities and resources they believe are missing on the website.

“The user friendly layout [of Youth Link] makes it totally easy to navigate for adults and youths,” said Hill Moua, program coordinator for Hmong Youth and Parents United. “The site is beneficial to the whole family.”

Many academic institutions in Sacramento, including the Sacramento City Unified School District, conduct winter break the last two weeks of December.

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