Congresswoman Matsui announces $3.5 million for water quality and flood prevention projects in the City of Sacramento

Congresswoman Doris Matsui last week announced the City of Sacramento Department of Utilities will receive $3.5 million in federal funding to help protect homes, businesses, local rivers and water sources.

The funding will go toward projects in downtown Sacramento that improve the City’s “combined” storm and waste water system, which helps prevent flooding and protect drinking water quality.

The City operates a combined system in many older parts of the city of Sacramento, including downtown, East Sacramento and William Land Park.

Congresswoman Matsui on May 6 made the announcement alongside Sacramento County Supervisor Patrick Kennedy and City staff at “Sump Station 2” in William Land Park, which is the largest combined system pumping station in the city.

“The community project funding from the federal omnibus package is creating new opportunities and delivering results to our Sacramento community,” said Congresswoman Matsui, who represents California’s 6th Congressional District, which includes the city of Sacramento and suburbs. “Our city’s underground infrastructure is often forgotten, but it is the work horse of what makes our city run. We need to appreciate these systems even if we can’t always see them.”

Congresswoman Matsui secured the funds through a government-funding omnibus package, which was signed by President Biden earlier this year.

“Projects that improve the downtown part of the system, help to improve the whole system, including Land Park and Curtis Park,” said Councilmember Rick Jennings, whose district is served by the combined system. “These systems are critical to keeping so many residents safe during storms.”

Two projects will benefit from the funding and include underground stormwater reservoirs that will be built at W and 25th streets and near 24th and K streets. Both projects are expected to begin within the next five years.

“As always, we are extremely grateful for the hard work Congresswoman Matsui continues to do to protect Sacramento and these funds are just the latest example,” said City Utilities Director Bill Busath.

Property owners in the city of Sacramento recently approved a measure that will generate up to $20 million to help fund repairs and improvements to the citywide storm water system — which includes the combined system — and is up to 100 years old.

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